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THE QUENA / KENA FLUTE / Key of G Adventure

My passion to create an exotic hardwoods Quena flute started 19 years ago while hiking in Machu Picchu, Peru. A guide took us to the ruins of Sauciewoman. Overlooking the rolling hill he begin to play his Quena Flute and it echoed throughout the ruins and valley bellow. It was a magical transforming experience and itís burned within my memory today. He later took our small group to a village music store and I purchased my first Quena Flute. Later, on several trips to Buenos Aires, I purchased more Quena Flutes and I loved the sound.

The Quena, also called kenas, Andean flutes, or Indian flutes, is a traditional Andean flute used commonly in all areas of Peruvian music. This remarkable yet simple wooden flute, symbolizes the true vibrant nature of the people of the Andes. It has been played by the indigenous tribes of South America and their ancestors for countless generations.

Basically, the Quena flute is an end blown notched flute in a major scale. It has 6 finger holes and a thumb hole in the back for the high do. The Quena flutes are normally tuned in G, with G being the lowest note (all holes covered). Used by many professional players, our contemporaneous Quena Flute produces an exceptionally beautiful sound and produces a very breathy or airy tone. The superior workmanship is reflected in the attention to detail and it is this combination, of the natural exotic woods and the superior tonal quality, that sets our work apart from other flute makers.

I am very thankful for all the Quena flute players and flute makers who encouraged, supported, and have shared their expertise, and insights while developing this instrument. Their instruments are of striking beauty and excellence. My aim, at all times, is to make the finest flute I can with the best materials, and, best methods. And, certainly, to make instruments that will continue to function for many generations.

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