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The Quena Flute is a professional flute, designed for serious play and far superior to the one you will likely get from street vendors. For many years of enjoyable service I recommend keeping up with a few of the following maintenance tips:

If you value your instrument and wish to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, I suggest that you rub the flute with a light coat of oil to stabilize the wood and protect the bore from saliva damage. Let it sit for a while and then, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Any bore oil sold by your music store will be fine. Oil it several times in the first week or two, then once every four to six weeks depending on many factors including, for example, relative humidity, hours of use per week, and the quality of the player's saliva. Oiling a newly made flute can improve itís tone. Your flute will probably sound a bit different after you oil it, but, it will quickly regain itís normal tone. I recommend using Naylor Organic Bore Oil, which is used before the flutes are packaged.

Swabbing the excess moisture from the Quena after each playing is the most important habit to develop. It is also recommended that you clean the ďBoreĒ and that the inside of the Quena flute be kept relatively dry during periods of storage.

I firmly believe that your Quena Flute will be a lifelong gift as long as you observe the maintenance tips.
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