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Get a 15% Discount For Your Flute Video On YouTube

I would like to invite you to participate in making a video and receiving a 15% discount on any flute purchased from this website.

Video Requirements:
  1. A one time offer open to anyone who has made a flute purchase.
  2. Put a video on YouTube of you or a friend playing a flute from this website. Have fun playing alone, with a friend, a session, etc.
  3. The video should be at least two songs/tunes long.
  4. A title stating this website address and who you are.
After you have uploaded the video on YouTube, send me a "link to the video" via email to: tyiam@comcast.net. I will immediately credit your PayPal account 15% of the purchase price of your flute.

The following videos and sound files are of customers that have purchased a flute demonstrating the "quality of sound" and "fun of playing" their flutes.

Our Quena Flute is based on the tradition of the flutes made in the Andes. It is a professional quality flute in the Key of G/440. The sound is soft and has a more precise tuning in high registers.

The following video is a discussion by Nayo Ulloa, who is a well know professional Quena Flute performer, on the fine details in making a Professional Quena Flute.
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